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Everything You ‘Know’ About Money Is A Lie

What if I told you that we are living in a system, designed to benefit just a few – at the expense of ordinary people.

The fact is we are living in the world’s biggest Ponzi scheme. It’s a system that rips power away from many individuals…and transfers it to a handful of shadowy elites.

I refer to this as ‘the matrix’. But, just like in the movie this matrix is not perfect. There are glitches – which can be used for your advantage.

The key to freedom is using the glitches in the system.

That’s why I have dedicated myself to finding these these and sharing them with others who want to break free.

Property Investment

There’s a reason why property has always been a privilege of the rich. It’s an extremely effective way to grow wealth and influence – throughout generations.

Luckily today, anybody can plant their stake in real estate. Even at current prices, it’s still possible to get started with less than $50,000.

How? It comes back to finding niches and using them.

The same opportunities that built me a $50 Million property portfolio (from zero – within 14 years) still exist today!

In fact, I see that there could be even more opportunty now than before.

As the elites push their debt driven system into overdrive, real estate prices will be pushed even higher soon.

Whether you surf the wave, or drown on the incoming tide is up to you.

I welcome you to ride along with me as I continue to actively invest in this area.

Business and Entrepreneurship

The false security of working for someone else is the biggest trap you fall into.

The world is changing. Technology is replacing human workers. Globalization is eroding profit margins. Wages are stagnant…or worse, falling compared to expenses.

Workers are becoming debt slaves.

Time is the world’s most valuable commodity….and workers are practically giving it away in return for paper printed with pictures of dead people!

Money is the lifeblood or control system of this matrix. You’re only way to break free is to be in a position where you no longer need to trade your time for money.

It’s something I have worked hard to achieve and today enjoy many independent streams of income. In fact, I officially ‘retired’ at the age of 24.

However, that doesn’t mean I have stopped working…I just work for my own dreams, not somebody else’s.

Today I am interested in exploring the most promising business and investment avenues.

I am extremely excited about the future, I see the perfect storm is brewing. When it comes it will rip a hole in this matrix – making a massive transfer of wealth possible.

Those who have educated and prepared themselves could potentially change their financial fortunes within just a few short months or years.

Stay in touch if you want to be the first to receive the latest news as I see this once in a generation opportunity developing.

About Nathan Birch

Investing in his first property at 18, and starting his first business shortly after, Nathan was able to ‘retire’ at just 24.

Today, Nathan owns a number of businesses which are rapidly disrupting the property and finance industry.

Still close to his blue collar roots, you’ll find him more often in flip-flops and jeans than a suit.

Nathan’s unique no-bullshit approach has gained him a loyal following.

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Do you want to buy properties at wholesale prices as seen on TV?


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