About Nathan Birch

Born in Sydney to blue-collar working class parents, Nathan realized the 9 – 5 grind would get him nowhere.

This spurred his investment and entrepreneurial interests from a very young age.

As a teenager he worked and saved all his money.

He set himself a goal to buy 10 properties in 10 years and bought his first property at just 18.

Soon, he increased his goal to 25 properties by 25.

A strong work ethic and a belief in delaying gratification is what allowed Nathan to ‘retire’ at just 24 years old.

Now a multi-millionaire in his early 30’s, Nathan’s new goal is to become a billionaire by 40.

Nathan remains active in property, however is also interested in business and other emerging fields of investment.

Nathan owns a number of business which are rapidly disrupting the property and finance industry.

The most recognizable of which is Binvested, providing property education and purchasing assistance for investors and home buyers.

He remains close to his blue collar roots, and you’ll find him more often in flip-flops and jeans than a suit.

Nathan’s unique no-bullshit approach has gained him a loyal following. He regularly provides updates and tip on YouTube.

Some Of Nathan's Businesses


Nathan’s always ready to talk investment, share information and give back.

For any media, speaking, business or investment inquiries please contact Nathan below.

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